The Effect of Islamic Opinions About the Transfer of Claims on Share Certificate Trade Workshop

The Advisory Board of TKBB held a workshop called "The effect of Islamic opinions about the transfer of claims on share certificate trade" on 10.01.2019 as part of its activities on share certificates. Academicians from Istanbul University, Sakarya University, Kırklareli University, among others, and Istanbul Stock Exchange officers participated in the workshop.

Apart from the members of the board and experts, Prof. Dr. Abdüsselam Arı, Prof. Dr. Hacı Mehmet Günay, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Kaya, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Durmuş and Ali Öztürk, as well as Attorney Ebru Uyguntürk, Mahmut Varlı, Hasan Yaşar from İstanbul Stock Exchange; Ziraat Katılım Legal Advisor Burhanettin Nalbant, and Muharrem Cevher from the World Bank also took part in the workshop.

In the first session, Board specialist Mehmet Yuşa Solak made a presentation called, "Islamic provisions regarding the nature of debt and its legal transactions according to the classical fiqh doctrine." In the second session, Attorney Ebru Uyguntürk made a presentation called, "Legal nature of share certificates and the structural features of joint-stock companies."

The workshop ended with an evaluation session in which the participants presented their opinions and suggestions on the subject. The Advisory Board will continue the studies on this issue by taking into account the opinions and views from the workshop.